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Vacuum Instruments, Vacuum Sensors, Vacuum Gauge Tubes

Find reliable solutions for vacuum measurement in laboratory and industrial environments. Your needs can be met with these quality product lines, designed and manufactured by Teledyne Hastings. Find your vacuum range on the chart and select your vacuum instrument, then scroll down to find product description and specifications.
  HPM 4/5/6 Vacuum Gauge   DAVC Vacuum Gauge  
    HPM 4/5/6 Vacuum Gauge
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  DAVC Vacuum Gauge
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Vacuum Instruments Dual Sensor Vacuum Instruments HPM-760S/760 Plus, Vacuum Controller Ionization Gauges, Vacuum Controllers 5 Series, Vacuum Meters and Controllers 6 Series, Vacuum Controllers and Gauges 4 Series, Vacuum Meters and Controllers

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Series Sensors Available Gauges/Meters and Vacuum Instruments
760 Series
1000 Torr- 0.1 Torr
Piezo Resistive vacuum sensor
• Analog outputs 0-5 V, 0-10 V4-20 mA, 2-10 mA
• Fittings 1/8 NPT, KF-16,
KF-25, VCR-4
Vacuum Sensor
Sensor can stand alone with your volt meter and power supply

VT-4 Series
20 Torr-0.1 Torr
Thermocouple vacuum sensor
• The original DV-4 gauge tube
• Analog output available
Vacuum Gauge Tuges
Thermocouple vacuum gauge tubes
Digital VT
Digital VT-4
Digital Vacuum Controller
Digital CVT
Vacuum Controler
Handheld Vacuum Meter
HPM 4/5/6

VT-6 Series
1 Torr-0.001 Torr
Thermocouple vacuum sensor
Vacuum Sensors
DV-6 Thermocouple vacuum gauge tubes
Vacuum Instruments
Digital VT-6
Digital Vacuum Controller
Digital CVT
Vacuum Meter
Handheld Vacuum Gauge
HPM 4/5/6

VT-5 Series
0.1 Torr-0.0001 Torr
Thermocouple vacuum sensor
Vacuum Gauge Tubes
DV-5 Thermocouple vacuum gauge tubes
Vacuum Gauge
    Handheld Vacuum Gauge
HPM 4/5/6

2002 Series
1000 Torr-0.00001 Torr
• Dual Sensor - pirani and
peizo vacuum sensor
• Analog & Digital Outputs
Gauge Tubes
HPM-2002-S vacuum gauge tubes
Vacuum Controller
HPM 2002-OBE
  Vacuum Controller
HPM 2002
Ionization Gauge
0.02 Torr - 10-10 Torr
• Miniature Bayard Alpert Type
Vacuum Gauge Tubes
IGE-3000 vacuum gauge tubes
Ion Guage
IGE 3000

NIST Reference Tubes
NIST Reference Tubes for
Installation Accessories
Quick Connect Traps

Diagnostic Tube
for 2002 Series

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